Poems, excavation

Helena Fitzgerald in her “I Hope She Sees This Bro” essay, via Lindsay:

I know there are poems other than love poems. I really do. But I also know, if I’m honest with myself, that I will always try to read every poem as a love poem, turning it upside down and sideways to see if there is some way the light hits it that would show it to be about how people love each other or fail to do so, that would seem to make it a whisper from just one person to just one other, something cut out from the bottom of a heart and sealed in a box and mailed to a single address. A lot of poems are about love even when they don’t seem to be and even, or especially, when they are full of rage, or full of the larger bleakness of the world.

Pyramid Scheme” by Hera Lindsay Bird, mentioned in the above essay:

the other day i was thinking about the term pyramid scheme, and why they called it pyramid scheme and not triangle scheme
and i asked you what you thought
you thought it added a certain gravitas, and linked the idea of 
economic prosperity
with some of history’s greatest architectural achievements

The Morning after Woe” by Emily Dickinson:

As Nature did not care—
And piled her Blossoms on—
And further to parade a Joy
Her Victim stared upon—

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