Getting hosed

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They were horny, of course, but not that horny.

For the eight men living in a third-floor suite at the Communications Residential College at Northwestern University, cold showers were becoming an all-too common experience.

So rather than continuing to endure a mediocre washing experience, or negotiating the bureaucracy of Northwestern, which heretofore had failed them, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

"After two quarters of ice cold, low-pressure water in our suite's shower, we wanted to have a decent, hot shower like many other suites in CRC," Mark Greer said.

The suite consisted of: Greer, Adam Henkel, Morris Liao, Nate Pence, Jon Lewis, Adam Mendelson, Andrew Farwig and Johnny O'Neal.

That desire for a premium shower experience came to a head late one night during reading week of Winter Quarter.

"One of us--(I) don't remember who--noticed that the sink's water was always extremely hot," Greer said. "If we could get a hose connected from the sink to the shower, it would be much warmer with two shower heads."

Motivated by the decree that lukewarm showers would no longer be tolerated, they piled into a car and made their way to the 24-hour Home Depot, 2200 Oakton Ave., in Evanston to search for the supplies.

"Home Depot . . .is always fun," said Jill Weyers, a fellow CRC resident who, though she didn't live in the plagued suite, helped shop for materials.

"When you walk in, you are surrounded by the supplies for absolutely any project you could ever imagine, and are suddenly overcome with the feeling that you can do anything," she added. "I think these feelings of false security helped push us to actually go through with it."

Armed with hose, an adapter that would allow it to be attached to the sink, and a sprinkler head, they returned to their dorm.

"Brendan went with (me) over to the sink," Henkel explained. "And there, under the florescent lights, amid the gaze of the towel pegs and the toilets in their stalls, a shower was born."

Weyers added: "There wasn't much to the building. Just pull the hose over the top of the stalls, and hook it up to the sink, turn the water on--instant success."

Now with two shower heads, one of which being completely mobile, the stall was deemed the "Surround Shower," and news of the improved bathing facility spread throughout the dorm.

"In a nearby suite, students were attending to their studies when Nate (Pence) appeared before them and they were afraid," Henkel said. "But Nate said to them, 'Fear not, for I bring you good news. For unto this day, in (our) bathroom, is born a Surround Shower."

Students both male and female came to enjoy the surround showering experience.

"Dressed in robes of the finest cloth and bearing gifts of shampoo, soap, and sponge (they) traveled the great distance to see that of which they had heard," Henkel said. "And there in the bathroom they knelt before the Surround Shower."

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