If the home is a person's castle, then the bathroom is the, well, throne. Some of the most important activities in a person's day take place in that tiled, porcelain-decked nook of the house. And, consequently, people are starting to demand more and more from their bathrooms. They want comfort and luxury to compliment the traditionally utilitarian nature of the room.

Showers are a proper reflection of that emerging attitude. People don't just want water shooting out of a pipe in the wall, they want temperate water at various rates and directions. And in this age of information, the 10 minutes most people spend bathing has become valuable time that shouldn't be wasted. Consequently, some people are installing televisions and radios in their shower so they can do things like check stock prices as they shampoo their hair.

More and more the bathroom is becoming the epicenter of activity in American homes, and a symbol of the people who use it. People enjoy the quaintness and sanctity a comfortable lavatory affords them. And those that can afford it are taking it to new extremes.