Getting hosed
Part II

* * *
Many who used the shower agreed it was a superior bathing experience.

"As the inaugural user of the surround shower, I was impressed by its heat, pressure, and the fact that it had two heads, so water could pummel me from multiple directions," Greer said. "It added fun and curiosity to our suite."

Added Weyers: "The shower is quite an experience. There's so much water coming at you, and it feels really weird because it's two different temperatures. But it's awesome."

And like Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens interpreting the Constitution, Morris Liao, the Resident Assistant who lived in the suite, did not see the Surround Shower violating any university housing rules.

"I thought the shower would be against some housing policy, but I didn't care; everyone in the suite seemed too excited about it," he said.

And once Liao used it, he, too, became excited.

"To be honest, I thought the surround shower would only last a week until the novelty ran out," he said. "Then I tried it. Once you have had the surround shower you can never go back."

The dual showerheads, Liao explained, was a feature he enjoyed because it allowed him to wash both his front and back at the same time.

"It was revolutionary," he said. "The moveable second component of the surround shower enhanced the entire showering process be reaching those hard to reach areas; I had never been so clean."

Ken C. Raap of Lemoi True Value Hardware in Evanston said people with bizarre plans for their bathrooms frequently come into his store.

The lack of hot water the students were experiencing prior to the surround shower probably was due to build-up in the pipes.

"It's probably just the pipes and valves--after you get back into the wall--are probably corroded because hot water corrodes fast," he said. "You get rust deposits and everything in there and you go ahead and turn that on that rust, being heavier, pulls through the valves faster and clogs up all the ports so your hot water comes out real slow and your cold water comes out nice and fast."

But the men in CRC weren't interested in the technical explanations, they simply wanted a comfortable shower.

"The Surround Shower truly was the shower of showers," Henkel said. "It touched the lives of many."

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