Someone else’s mixtape

“You already know the story / And the chords are just the same / You already know I love you / And I sound like what’s-his-name,” I’ve got Wilco’s Someone Else’s Song lyrics onscreen over the nights-set-apart trumpet break of Chet Baker’s But Not for Me, track one side B of “To the Seductive Calumet River Girl,” the month-old latest posting to the slowing Cassettes From My Ex. Track one, side A is the Replacements’ Unsatisfied, and talk about an honest way to start a mix, talk about trusting she’ll know you don’t mean her and hear your track two. But the price of admission is the sixth song, new to me, Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams singing You’re Still Standin’ There. I’ve been awake since one for no good reason, and I think this is the only song that’s going to put me back to sleep. Or recently on radio, Kiss Me Deadly.

94.7: But first let us be awesome before radio death

A DCRTV commenter caught onto this as well, but 94.7 sounded great tonight on the drive home, best I’ve heard it since the day the Globe launched. Did someone give Cerphe permission to play whatever he wanted with the clock running out? It’s too bad the station’s website is gone because I didn’t know half the stuff. The playlist seemed back to more conservative choices by later in the evening, but the run was good while it lasted. (Can the PPM track blocks like that one? Could it have made a little bit of a case for or against that kind of looseness?)

Best discovery in the bunch: Eagles, Those Shoes. I’ve somehow never heard this song on the radio or anywhere else until tonight. “Got those pretty little straps around your ankles / Got those shiny little chains around your heart…” Unfortunately, you can’t find a full, free, original version on the Web. No YouTube, no Google Videos, no iMeem, no, no Don Henley, thanks so much. You still got my dollar on iTunes, but you continue to live up to your Don Henley-ness.

Second best moment: Hearing the CCR Live in Europe version of Hey Tonight. I would’ve driven off the Tysons road if not for a cute blonde driving an SUV in the next lane. You could probably count on one hand the number of times that cut has played on D.C. radio in my lifetime.

And now 94.7 (formerly the Globe) is dead

Got all kinds of traffic today to this blog’s August post on the death of the Globe format. The always-solid DCRTV brings news today that 94.7 come Monday is going “fresh” adult contemporary. A new promotional site features clips from Jason Mraz, Corrine Bailey Rae, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer, Leona Lewis, Third Eye Blind, Jordin Sparks, Sara Bareilles,and  Daughtry, with John Mayer proving yet again that, after the first group of decent artists in the list, he remains the tipping point of suck. As disappointing as it was to lose the Globe format, losing the classic rock entirely is worse. The cheese of Big 100.3 is no substitute.

Hard to say yet if the new format is Top 40 for people who hate rap, or 107.3 for people who hate aging, but I think one of the two is right.

Weasel loses morning show; 94.7 post lives on

94.7 The Globe is dead” is now up 45 comments and all kinds of traffic (relatively for this blog). The latest reason is that area radio vet Weasel has lost his morning show. Or, as far as most listeners know, he’s simply disappeared from it. DCRTV of course has the details, and I’ve now posted them in that thread. DCRTV Dave has argued for a while that Weasel is a rock radio legend but a tough fit with a morning show, especially one at as hesitantly programmed a station like 94.7 (former and current), and I can’t disagree. Same with Cerphe. They — or others — need to run on the dial and not fit into a schematic.

‘Eclectic’ comment: Schelby thanks Globe fans

This blog got a surprise visitor Sunday when Schelby Sweeney, former music director and host of the late, great Eclectic Lunch on 94.7, joined the still-running thread on the station’s format change. “It’s nice to know that people noticed what I was trying to do with my show and the station,” Schelby wrote in part. Read her full message. Beyond comments, that posting has continued to draw Google searches every day, with many mentioning Schelby and the Lunch. I wrote her an e-mail to thank her and ask her to keep us updated on her next moves.

94.7 Globe thread still alive

Search for the station on Google right now, and this blog’s item about its format shift turns up in your top five results. While now far away from the main page, the post may be the blog’s most-commented so far — 18 comments and counting. (Whoa, my work self says.)

Most people showing up are like me, disappointed in the change and looking for new outlets. For threads like that one and others that slip downpage, I’m adding a most recent comments box to the left rail.

94.7 The Globe is dead

It’s still on the air, but it’s dead. The station, without announcement, has moved from quasi-AAA to standard classic rock over course of the last week. DCRTV has noticed the shift, expressed disappointment but not found it as bad as expected. I’ve got different feelings. The search for a new #1 preset has begun. What could’ve been never happened.

But before the transition evidence slips away, it must be cited. As of Sunday night, the station’s top 10 songs of the last week still included: Supernatural Superserious, Girls in Their Summer Clothes, I’m Amazed, Viva La Vida, and I Will Possess Your Heart. None had played in days.

The other five songs on the list came from the new playlist, sadly best represented by New Sensation and Keep Your Hands to Yourself. Songs from The Doors, Blue Oyster Cult, and The Cars followed shortly.

The past weekend’s playlist may have offered the best indictment.

From 5 p.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Monday, a period of 60 hours (64 minus two for Little Steven and two for public service time), the station aired 20 songs released in this decade. Not one of the songs was released in the last two and a half years. Most were overplayed or awful stuff.

Friday after 5 p.m. ET:
Goo Goo Dolls – Give a Little Bit – 2004
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside – 2000

Coldplay – In My Place – 2002
Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out – 2004 (twice during the day)
Train – Calling All Angels – 2003
Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between – 2001
U2 – Vertigo – 2004
Train – Drops of Jupiter – 2001
Coldplay – Talk – 2005
Jack Johnson – Flake – 2001
Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer – 2002
Foo Fighters – Best of You – 2005
Rodrigo & Gabriela – Diablo Rojo – Feburary 2006
Jack Johnson – Bubble Toes – 2001

Eddie Vedder – You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – 2001
Goo Goo Dolls – Give a Little Bit – 2004 (twice during the day)
Train – Drops of Jupiter – 2001
Fuel – Hemorrhage – 2000
Coldplay – Trouble – 2000
Foo Fighters – Best of You – 2005
Jack Johnson – Upside Down – February 2006

Monday before 9 a.m. ET:
Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between – 2001
Coldplay – Trouble – 2000
Coldplay – Clocks – 2003

I have no idea how Heavy Metal Drummer made it onto Saturday’s playlist, nor how I’m Always in Love made it onto Sunday’s. Computer error? Drummer played between .38 Special and Bad Company.

It’s bad when your TV beats you radio …

… to four months ago. But thanks to Music Choice’s adult alt channel for introducing me to the critically disputed Most Like You’ll Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) faster than 94.7 The Globe. remix

The radio station has so much potential, but … maybe that’s a goal for the new year. The playlist hasn’t developed much, and the DJs try too hard to compensate. DCRTV’s reader best/worst of 2007 has things right. Mentions of the station are hard to find, but here are the first two, midway down the long page. “BEST: Another ‘Best’ was the Globe for the first month it was on the air. God it sounded great for a few weeks. … WORST: What The Globe ended up turning into.” “BEST: The Globe, sometimes. … WORST: The Globe, the rest of the time.”

Update on 12/27: I have to add to my Globe mention. Without me even bringing it up, a friend found the Globe this week and said how great it was, and my split-second reaction was to agree. Because that’s the heart of the matter. I have my criticisms of the station, but the Globe is still my No. 1 preset and still much better than any station the city’s had in a good while.

It’s been a while, but …

I was driving in my car through Rock Creek Park the other day when Psycho Killer came on 94.7. Then some other awesome song followed, and I thought, man, this is a double shot of awesome, I should mention this in the blog, but then I totally forgot the second song because it ended and next came Your Body Is a Wonderland and it was awful. As it always is.

So, listening tonight to the new Faces Definitive Rock Collection, which is part of a compilation series, but good like Sony’s Essentials, good all the way through, satisfying all us Wink Is as Good as Nod fans, so people more rock-educated than I call it the best Faces compilation short of the Five Guys Walk Into a Bar… box. And I don’t doubt it.

So, I’m listening and reading Nerve’s “29 Thoughts on the New White Stripes” album, and I’m no huge White Stripes fan, maybe I should be, I’m just not yet, but I clapped my hands for number 19. “I’d pay cash money to hear what Jack White thinks about John Mayer.”