Food trucks (and carts) I have known — 2011 check-in

The Fry Captain running out of fries aside, it’s been a successful year.

In the rankings I keep in my heart, the mac-and-cheese truck, the pie truck, the crepe cart, and the poutine truck tie for #1. And you? What do you rank as your best trucks of ’10? Here’s my year. Tell me yours.

-Big Cheese (get the Mt. Fuji!)
-District Taco (pictured below en route to breakfast taco)
-Takorean (pictured at right en route to my belly)

November (I think):
-Dangerously Delicious

-Curbside Cupcakes
-DC Empanadas
-DC Slices

Eat Wonky
Red Hook Lobster DC


Rebel Heroes

Goals for 2011: Bada Bing cheesesteaks. BBQ Bandidos. Fojol Bros. Fry Captain. PORC. Solar Crepes. Whatever the streets decide to bring us.

And I’m serious about Big Cheese and the Mt. Fuji. Brie and apple! Try the tomato soup if you can as well. The truck was the NPR Digital Food Truck Collective’s most recent win. Looking forward to having it again.

Grilled cheese

This woman is very particular about her grilled cheese. She even remembers the best grilled cheese sandwich she ever ate. I am not this particular about my grilled cheese. When it comes to grilled cheese, I’m actually not particular at all. All I really care about is the accomplishment of a sandwich.

My recipe for the accomplishment of a grilled cheese sandwich:

1. Acquire two pieces of bread, at least one piece of cheese and buttah.

2. If not one is around, shout “I gots buttah!” in a Cajun accent. Mental images of cooking in the swamp will add to your food’s flavor.

3. Put bread in frying pan. Place large pats of butter on top of the bread.

4. Place frying pan on oven range. Turn range’s temperature to high.

5. Put the cheese on the bread within the first minute of cooking. Make sure your cheese been kept refrigerated. The coolness of the refrigerated cheese will postpone the bread’s igniting.

6. Smush the sides of the sandwich together with a spatula. Keep oven range on high.

7. Watch the frying pan!

8. Do not take your eyes off the frying pan!

9. When the sandwich begins to smoke — which will happen very, very soon — turn the burner off and remove the sandwich from the pan.

10. Eat grilled cheese sandwich as quickly as possible. The faster you eat, the less your tongue will burn. Inhale cool air as necessary.