Quick! To the March indicator!

Congratulations to friend Nate, a long-time player in the annual March-indicator race, for taking the prize this year. From his home in Chicago Central Time, he tweeted at me at 12:01 ET. Twitter alerted my phone, and I raced to my computer to change the March indicator. It is March!

If you’re unfamiliar, the March indicator is the piece of text in the left rail that says, now, “It is March.” The rest of the year, when it is not March, it says, “It is not March.” It is the March indicator, the indicator of whether it is March or not. Is the indicator important? No and yes.

The March indicator is not important because it indicates exactly one thing. It only changes twice a year and arrives in a small font. It has zero mechanization. Someone usually has to remind me to change it.

But the indicator is important because the first of the month means the blog’s birthday is coming. The indicator has been around since its birth. Friends race every year to remind me to change the indicator. Because another year has passed! Spring is coming! Foolishness is possible!

It is March.