A Salzburg student, right on the truth

From my friend Sara’s blog:

These social networking sites became more than distractions from our schoolwork and means to waste time.  They became a new way of communication that I had never taken advantage of before.  How else could you read an article and have the link spread to 100 people within a matter minutes?  At one of our first classes, I learned that much of the violence in Iran was known to the rest of the world through Twitter and YouTube.  The violence against protesters in Iran was known around the world through a video on YouTube about the murder of a young woman named Neda who was shot by a member of the Basij, a volunteer-based Iranian paramilitary force.  That single YouTube video was picked up by CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC resulting in Neda becoming a symbol of rebellion amongst protesters.  That’s the power of social networking; when Parker Hall becomes a forum for constant communication, when information can be spread worldwide in a matter of seconds and when the observation of a single person can turn into a nation’s rebellious cry.

Madisreekrishnarao, I’m sorry

“I want new Female friend in America.Thank u…” was the full comment today on the Salzburg rap post. I hit the spam button. Down the drain, gone forever, likely the work of a robot. And I thought I was done.

But then I noticed my traffic. Minutes earlier, just around the time your comment arrived, a visitor from Delhi had searched for “I want a new friend in America”  in Google India. The rap turned up in the results.

So, Madisreekrishnarao, who is a real person, I’m sorry. In the spirit of the Salzburg Academy, I would be happy to introduce you to any of the women in the video. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, not in the least.

Come hear/talk about media literacy

If you’re near Metro Center this afternoon. We’re getting the Salzburg gang back together at the Center for International Media Assistance, a project from the National Endowment for Democracy. Critical: “A media literate population is crucial to sustaining democracy, yet few media development programs are specifically geared towards this issue.”

How to solve, at home and in developing countries? Should be good.

Pix: Salzburg leftovers (still tasty)

From the front of the classroom, one side…

… and the other.

Jamie teaches. Am interested to see if he blogs the Coast Guard scare.

Eating lunch.

Stoppard hustling away after his off-the-record session.

The hotel/dorm/etc in the morning or evening or something.

Statue atop the palace gate.


And Risk, the game of global domination.

Just one gallery left to go. Finally!

Pix: Inside the salt mine (minus crazy slides and Wonka boat)

Because do I have video of crazy slides and Wonka boat still to come.

First, you put on the suit. Does salt get on folks anymore? No. But still.

Fortunately for your silliness, everybody has to put on the suit.

Then you take the train into the mine. Try to keep your hands inside.

A multilingual tour guide wears the jackets the tourists used to wear.

Turns out my first time in Germany outside an airport is underground.

We’re all a little weirded out by this.

Somewhat less strange but just as cool: Salt lamps.

Back to weird: Not a real person. Lemme tell you about salt.

Also not a real person. Lemme tell you about guys who didn’t make it.

When done (again, vids of coolest stuff to come), it’s train time again.

The train soon rattles outside. It would rain later that day but not yet.

We walked up a tall, steep hill and found beer, sausage and strudel.

Perez Hilton, Patrick looks like him

At least in one photo, according to one student and the most excellent lyrics to come out of the Salzburg Academy’s karaoke bar. New to me but known to every undergrad in the palace bar, Hannah Montana’s Best of Both Worlds got a rewrite from a Georgetown student, Victoria, and her friend Daniel’s observation got a spot in the bridge. Rock on.

Facebook profiles breached
You get to jump in the canal at night
The best part is that
Chinese netizens don’t play hide and seek

Perez Hilton, Patrick looks like him
Red wine, Andrea saved my dress
Perez Hilton, Patrick looks like him

Some explanation’s required on the other lyrics, but that’s all you’re getting. Rewritten song lyrics make me a very happy, very creative camper. The Academy’s best other comment on the suspect photo? Jenaya: “You don’t look nearly as much like a douchebag in real life.”

(The Perez photo is actually a good one in a bad week. Two-year-old story involving a relaunch and a lazy eye. New photo may replace.)

Pix: An orchestra in a park

Mirabell Palace didn’t do much for me the first time we saw it. The Do-Re-Mi fountain and plenty of gardens. But a week later, we wandered back to kill time. It was Sunday morning, and we found an orchestra.

Crowds gathered under the trees. Gardens? What gardens?

The Salzburg seniors, they loved it. And I loved them.

The orchestra was motley. I bet it liked the challenge to play loud.