I’ve always loved this picture of our dog (and loved this dog)

From two years ago and change, before the baby arrived and later the bookstore closed, when Shadow was a bookstore dog.

He remains deeply soulful.


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There’s not a lot of money in the used book business but we love what we do and we get by. We’re grateful to our neighbors and our customers (especially when they are one & the same) for buying just enough books to have kept us here another year. 📚We’re proud to be a part of a community that strives to be healthy, whole and honest. Not everyone gets to be a part of that. And it turns out that it can be fragile. For the month of October, we will be giving away 20% of our income — half to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation & half to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, to a community where we’ve never been — but where it might do some good. (Pictured: Shadow, a rescue dog adopted from Puerto Rico in July 🇵🇷, now a part-time staff member at Riverby.) #puertorico #bookstagram #usedbookstore #thehillishome #capitolhilldc

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Riverby (and Shadow) video from ‘Roll Call’

Jason Dick and the Roll Call team stopped by Riverby D.C. this week and did a good video with owner Paul about the store. Paul does a great job and gets across the mystery and fun of older D.C. books and pieces of history. Lori wanted to stay off-camera — but they snuck her into one shot! And Shadow makes a couple appearances, including a good close-up.