A baguette with roast beef, then a cookie, then a croissant …

Via Lindsay, under a “Only if you already ate” title: “If you’re hungry, don’t read this: why Al’s Deli is awesome, a thread on the biggest Chicago food-loving web site.” If you have not¬†eaten or you’re not hungry, you should still read the thread because the suffering is just so good. I read the thread late last night here in my apartment, which Google Maps tells me is 715 miles and 11 hours 56 minutes from 914 Noyes Street. We have an Earl’s Sandwiches that is good but no Al’s.

Actual descriptions of Al’s are Lindsay’s turf (as is getting free cookies for life thanks of her friendship with the owners), so I’m sticking to a couple links (and of course any coverage if you need a haircut after that sandwich). Here are all of this year’s Great American Restaurants, from Chicagoland’s LTHForum. Here’s a blogger’s Thanksgiving thanks list, which begins with Al’s and, awesomely, The Chicken Shack, next to 1930 Ridge. “I wanted to concentrate on things that I am thankful for in a time when you can fool yourself into thinking there isn’t a lot of thanks to go around,” he writes.¬†“Okay, I did get laid off, no thanks there, but those are circumstances, and I am after something else.”

And now I’m hungry

On one of the Medill listservs I’m still on, a guy is advertising a summer sublet in Evanston. The guy mentions the rent, the features and the location. Then he adds, “Stones throw away from The Chicken Shack, Ruby of Siam, Domino’s and 1/2 block from Hecky’s (best ribs in Evanston).”

The Chicken Shack! Who puts The Chicken Shack in their sublet ad? I’ve got nothing against The Chicken Shack; I’ve eaten there multiple times and even written about the place. But never have I ever, even with four years of Northwestern past, seen a sublet ad tout proximity to the Shack.